What Does a Narcissist Look Like?


A narcissist is usually someone with a puffed-up self that inserts themselves in situations and is usually a detriment to others. These are people that it is about them. For the rest of us Narcissism, insecurities can plague us but not to worry because We should love our imperfections and find strength in our flaws.

Believe that they are more intelligent, better looking, and more significant than others and think they and grandiose self-image should undergo special treatment.

Narcissism is hardly something new under sunlight. Since the early Greeks we have records of individuals how they look and obsessed with themselves. Before the generation was around people were concerned with others, technology has made it more pronounced. Experts say that individuals are less social than because they have their thoughts on their phone, but since newspapers came out we’ve seen folks on trains buried with the day’s news. As I said, there’s not anything new under sunlight.

What Does a Narcissist Look Like? 1

Psychologists have narrowed narcissism down to 2 types.

Grandiose Narcissism classifies them as An extrovert that seeks focus and is hoping to control other people and every situation. They will seek out attention and power, examples would-be politicians and Hollywood celebrities. Not everybody in these areas of work is narcissists obviously but it can be a breeding ground for this type of behavior.

Vulnerable Narcism, on the other hand, can be the Reverse of this grandiose where they are and possess a sense of entitlement and will be reserved and quite threatened. They can become aggressive if someone crosses this person.

Normally, when these 2 Kinds of people are contested On their personalities and somebody points out their defects, they lash out and can get angry, competitive. If this happens then everybody around them will suffer along with the narcissist will head out life like nothing happened.

The narcissistic personality disorder is a monster unto itself, taking Narcissism to the extreme. It affects around 2% of the Populace, Can only occur in adults, and are men.

Narcissistic Personality Traits:

  1. Grandiose view of oneself.
  2. Struggle to show empathy.
  3. Possessing a strong sense of entitlement.
  4. The constant need for adoration.
  5. Normally takes over peoples lives.

Useful resources on Narcissism:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Overview

Spot a Narcissist in 3 Steps

How To Recover From Growing Up With A Narcissistic Parent.

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Rebecca Marie

Rebecca Marie, MA, LMHC, LPC, MAA is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and is an expert in anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship issues.

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