Is It OK To Have A Smoking Fetish?

A smoking fetish is like a sexual fetish based on pulmonary tobacco consumption, most often via cigarettes, pipes, and hookah. It is a strong desire to smoke in different ways.

Moreover, people with a smoking fetish have an interest in watching others smoke.

Smoking fetish is an emotional disorder of sexual arousing for smoke. Most people think that the desire for sexual fetishes begins because a cigarette may act as a symbolic object.

They place it between their lips that give them the feel of having sex.

For the other person, this is a feature of supremacy to the fetish. They love to enjoy smoking as a fetishism.

Some of those people motivate others to smoke the first time and feel the fetish.

Smoking fetish is one of the major combinations of both glamor and dark side.

As per Dr.Agrawal, it is a sexual paraphilia in which a person enjoys the sexual arousal from watching others smoking cigarettes or cigars.

What is Smoking Fetish?

The medical terminology for smoking fetish is capnolagnia. Capnolagnia is taken from the ancient greek language.

Cap refers to the smoke, and lagnia refers to the lust.

A furthermost variety of this lust is also known as black lung fetish. This disease is referred to those who have been addicted to the sexual arousal for nicotine.

These people love to enjoy nicotine sexual arousal that causes too much harm to their lungs. They are over-addicted to smoke for their arousal.

The most dangerous way of smoking fetish is called black lungs fetish. Those who imagine the sex picture of nicotine habit can have too many harmful effects.

Effects of Smoking Fetish on Health

Whether it is smoking fetish or regular smoke habits, tobacco is dangerous for your lungs and overall health.

There is no single healthy ingredient you can find in tobacco. Tobacco is a combination of tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide.

We all know smoking is not suitable for our lungs, but it indirectly affects our other body parts. It lowers down the stamina of your body.

Smoking fetish can lead to numerous complications in your body and affect your lung or overall respiratory system. A name of a few diseases is given below that occur because of smoking.


We all know that smoking is one of the causes of cancer. Frequent smoking can cause cancer of any of your body parts, including the mouth, esophagus, pancreas, lungs, and other body parts.


It is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is a persistent cough with mucus and shortness of breath.


As per a report, smokers are more susceptible to develop diabetes in comparison to non-smokers. Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that involves the issue of insulin.

Gum’s Disease

Smokers are more prone to develop gum diseases like swelling of gum and bleeding from gums. Periodontitis is a type of gum disease.

Heart Disease

Smoking can harm almost all the body parts of the human body. It can cause blockage in your arteries, which reduces the supply of oxygen inside the heart. A smoking fetish can eradicate your health.


Asthma is a severe disease that directly affects the lungs by making hit more ard to move air inside the lungs or breathing complications. If you are a chain smoker or suffering from a smoking fetish, smoke can irritates the air passage.

Reproductive Problems in Woman

If a female is habitual of smoking can cause ectopic pregnancy in a woman. These kinds of pregnancies can be life-threatening complications for females. Moreover, smoking can effects on fertility rate.

Why do people Have Smoking Fetish Sex?

These fetishists generally come from the watching of someone smoking. For example, a person imagines a cigarette as an erotic prop with a woman’s lip.

Here a woman’s lip represents the vulva of a woman’s sexual organ, especially with hot color lipstick.
If we talk physiologically, the body shows the same effects and reactions as having sex.

Symptoms of Smoking Fetish

The defining features of fetishism claim that if a person is behaving or being seen one or more of the following symptoms given below is considered to have fetishism.

Sexual interest in watching other smoking or sexual arousal while watching his partner smoke.
An intense feeling of sexual fantasies when they watch others smoke. Force their partner to smoke while having sex.


Smoking is always injurious to your health. It affects overall health especially the lungs. Smoking fetishism is a type of paraphilia that develops a sexual interest in nonliving smoking objects like a cigar, hukka, cigarette, and other smoking objects.

As a fetishism, it causes sexual arousal from watching other smoking or a person can imagine the smoking of his partner. It is directly related to sex and smoking.

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