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How To Lose Weight During Quarantine

Corona Hunger – How to Lose  Extra Pounds?

Little movement, no regular daily routine, boredom, and a full fridge. In times of home office, no contact, and quarantine, increasing is a real challenge. How do you survive the corona crisis without love handles? Healthstuff.us would have some tips

Pay attention to regular main meals!

A basic problem in the home office and quarantine situation: the refrigerator is within reach. Thanks to good storage, there is enough food in the house – and of course, some goodies that provide hip gold. Regulated meals and meals can help that the daily calorie intake does not skyrocket and you can keep an overview. By the way, sweets should preferably be consumed in the morning or after lunch.

Regulate weight gain through interval fasting

Eating without remorse – interval fasting makes it possible! Because what matters is not what you eat, but when you eat. Intermittent fasting according to the so-called 16: 8 principle has proven itself. This means that you can eat normally within eight hours and then fast for 16 hours. One or two delicacies can then be consumed within the eight hours without it going straight to the hips. Many even lose weight with this method. In addition, this nutritional method is said to have a positive effect on cell renewal. Say: You become slim and beautiful. If that’s not motivation.

How To Lose Weight During Quarantine

Avoid eating out of boredom!

Most of the time we don’t eat too much because we are so hungry, but because we are bored. And there is only one thing that can help against this: namely to find meaningful employment. Think about what you wanted to do long before the Corona crisis and never did. This is guaranteed to make you much happier and happier than another snack.

How To Lose Weight During Quarantine

Stress makes you fat!

Stress and coping with stress make the body and mind demand a reward. And it is rarely an apple or a carrot. The easiest way to avoid these cravings is to avoid the stress beforehand. Conscious breathing, meditation, or yoga can help.

[ss_click_to_tweet tweet=”A positive side effect: a relaxed body releases less cortisol – and this is known to be a hormone that makes you fat.” content=”A positive side effect: a relaxed body releases less cortisol – and this is known to be a hormone that makes you fat.” style=”default”]

Sport @ home: Make sure you exercise enough!

No daily commute to work, children are not taken to daycare, the gym is closed. Only when you are only allowed to leave the house for good reasons will you become aware of how much you are otherwise moving without being aware of it. The body thanks one or two love handles for the fact that this no longer applies.

See to it that your body gets going at home too. Perhaps you would even like to use the Corona time to try out a completely new sport? There are numerous instructions and videos on the Internet on how to keep fit in your own four walls – for the whole family.

Expose secret calorie bombs and reduce alcohol

A glass of honor? Allow yourself that – as long as it stays with one. You can also pay attention to what form of alcohol you drink. A wheat beer has significantly more calories than a dry glass of red wine.

The situation is similar to the secret calorie bombs. Supposedly healthy snacks like to get on your hips. Or were you aware that pickled gherkins usually contain tons of sugar? Always check the nutritional information on the labels!

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