Is Honey Keto Friendly?

Is Honey Keto Friendly

Most of our readers ask can i have a little bit of honey on keto, And the answer is NO. Honey is produced from the bees, one of the most important lives on earth. The question rises when we look at our diet and want to add honey in it. Recent medical studies show, honey contains the most healthy food values that is important for our body. Other than that, honey contains a huge amount of carbs. So it can work as a source of carbohydrates in our life. Putting honey in our daily diet will be great if we want to consume a particular diet routine. Honey also supplies huge energy and help developing the immune system.


What Food Values Does Honey Contain:

In one tablespoon (20 gram) of honey we get,

  • Calories: 61
  • Fat: 0 grams
  • Protein: 0 grams
  • Carbs: 17 grams
  • Fiber: 0 grams
  • Riboflavin: 1% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Copper: 1% of the DV

Honey is totally carbs based calorie producer that contains following food elements;

  • amino acids
  • antioxidants
  • enzymes
  • minerals
  • vitamins


What is Keto?

Keto is a short form of ketogenic diet, which means a diet with low carbs and high fat. This diet is generally followed to use your body to maintain and work as a different kind of fuel. Keto diet basically refers to consuming more fat and store them in the lever. Rather than having a balanced diet where every food elements are taken necessarily.

Consuming honey is not bad, rather it is great for your body. It will give you lots of carbs which is the main source of energy.


Difference Between Honey and Sugar

Who doesn’t like the sweetness of sugar ? Honey is nothing but a type of sugar. It is also considered as an alternative of sugar. Now if we want to mention the difference between honey and sugar, both of them are carbohydrates and the the prime element is glucose or fructose. If we look at the proportion of these two elements in sugar and honey,

  • sugar contains 50 percent fructose and 50 percent glucose
  • honey contains 40 percent fructose and 30 percent glucose

This is a fact that sugar contains more glycemic index (GI) than honey which increases the blood sugar level more quickly. On the other hand, honey provides more calories than sugar.


So Is Honey Keto Friendly?

As we already know that, Keto is a special form of diet that supplies less carbs and more fat. And honey is all about carbs and calories. So the answer to the question would be; NO.

There might be a lot of health benefits of honey, but if you are the person who strictly follows the keto diet, the honey will not be an ideal choice. The more you will consume honey, the less it will be a keto diet. However, there is a research which states that, a certain amount of honey each day will not effect your keto diet. Most of the researchers have come to a conclusion about the amount, which is 20-40 gram. That means, 1-2 teaspoon of honey will be perfectly fine for you and it won’t harm the process of following your keto diet.

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