Is Herbalife Keto Friendly? Fact Check

Is Herbalife Keto Friendly

Is Herbalife Keto Friendly?

In short, the answer is: NO

Why? Keto is a restrictive diet that significantly reduce consuming high carbs food where Herbalife encourages people to take a balanced and healthy nutrition for a healthy and fit life. Herbalife suggests people to have fruits, vegetables and protein to gain every single food elements. There are some things that make Herbalife less beneficial for the people who are strictly following the Keto diet. Such as the fruits contain a huge amount of fructose that are basically a type of glucose or sugar or also can be referred as carbs, when taking carbs is strictly prohibited in keto diet. Like this way, there are a lot of cases where Herbalife is not so much friendly to Keto diet. Below, we have brought up every single important logics to make you understand why Herbalife and Keto diet don’t work together, and also there are brief description about both of these topics.


What is Keto Diet?

Keto is a short form of ketogenic diet, which supplies low carbs and high fat. This diet is generally followed to use your body to maintain and work as a different kind of fuel. Keto diet basically refers to consuming more fat and store them in the lever. Rather than having a balanced diet where every food elements are taken necessarily. In Keto diet, consuming a high amount of sugar or carbohydrate is not necessarily important.


What Is Herbalife

Herbalife is a process of your weight management and secured health life. Herbalife is a fitness and dietary supplement brand which is spread all across the globe and is followed by million of people including the famous iconic celebrities. The process really helps to grain a healthy body through some effective way of having food and other supplements. It doesn’t only focus on weight loss, rather it concentrate in the root of someone’s health issue and work on it. However, Herbalife has been successful to achieve it’s goal to include a huge amount of member to it’s clan all around the world.

Herbalife doesn’t force you to follow any particular diet, it just provide you some supplements that you should take with your daily diet, to fulfill your destiny regarding fitness. They also have some special shakes that work for particular issues. Like if someone has much weight to loss and he is new, they will provide that person a special shake that will help the person reduce his/her body fat.


Is Herbalife Keto Friendly?

In Short, NO

As we have already mentioned, Herbalife always promote healthy and balanced diet where every kinds of food elements should be equally consumed. We need six primary food elements to lead a healthy life which are: carbs, protein, fat, mineral, vitamins and water. These all items are equally important for out healthy body and mind. Carbohydrates plays a vital role is our daily life. It breaks into ATP which is the unit of our body energy. Where Herbalife promotes taking carbohydrates in a necessary amount, Keto diet strictly prohibits to do so. Herbalife also has so many food shakes which are high in carbs and calories. But according to keto diet routine, these are absolutely out of the choice. So, it can be clearly state that Herbalife is not Keto friendly at all just like honey.


Why isn’t Herbalife Fully Keto Friendly?

Herbalife is a great way of following a balance diet and lifestyle to achieve a fit and healthy body. Herbalife provides an ideal food routine that will help you to gain a healthy body and also it will be effective to reduce your body fat and loss your extra weight. Herbalife also has a good number of protein shakes that contain a huge number of food values that are essential in our daily lives. Meal Replacement Shakes, Protein Shakes, Protein Bars, Healthy Snacks, Immunity Booster, Heart health products, these are few products that contain lots of carbohydrates, protein and many other food values that are necessary for our daily life.

And as we mentioned before, keto diet totally prohibits consuming carbs. But some Herbalife shakes contains a huge amount of carbs that goes totally against the keto diet rule. That is the reason, Herbalife is not keto friendly at all.

Even though Herbalife is not suitable for the keto diet followers. However, there are some Herbalife products and shakes that contain a few amount of carbs which might be used and consumed if anyone wants to work in both of these ways.

By the way did you know Sour Cream is also not Keto friendly?

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