How To Properly Clarify When Following The Curly Girl Method

In today’s blog, I will talk about clarifying curly hair shampoo. I’m going to take you through my clarifying routine. And what I do on days when I clarify, I’m going to speak to you about what clarifying is, how often to do it, and the various options that you have for clarifying curly hair shampoo on the market.

So what exactly do we mean when we clarify wavy and curly hair? When we use the curly girl method, we use many styling products on our hair, such as leave-in conditioners, serums, creams, butter, and gels. These can build up on the hair over time, clarifying the process of removing this product residue and buildup from the hair. And of course, when you’re going through the transition, it also means that it removes residual silicones on the hair. Additionally, clarifying can also remove buildup caused by

  • Natural oils from the scalp
  • Hard water minerals
  • pool water chemicals butter and waxes
  • And low-quality non-water-soluble
  • Ingredients.

How often should you clarify shampoo for curly hair?

I typically clarify my hair once a month and note that I have high porosity curly hair that usually guzzles up product. People with low porosity curly hair can clarify a little more frequently if needed when they feel like their hair is greasy. And a CG-friendly curly hair shampoo will not do it for you; you can clarify if your hair feels over-moisturized or if you ever suspect that you’re in protein or moisture overload. If you’re a swimmer or live in a place with hard water, you can clarify a little more frequently.

How is a clarifying shampoo different from a CG-friendly shampoo?

A CG-friendly shampoo does not have sulfates or silicones. A clarifying shampoo, on the other hand, is silicone-free, but it does contain Sulfate. Now let’s talk about all the Clarifying shampoos for curly hair available in the Market. These are the ones that I’ve tried so far.

The fab aloe vera curly hair shampoo.

This curly hair shampoo contains sodium lauryl ether sulfate, and even though this is a clarifying shampoo, I thought that it was quite moisturizing. After I used the shampoo, my hair felt clean, but it didn’t feel dry at all.

Required hair fall control curly hair shampoo

Ignore the “hair fall” claim for now. This shampoo has olefin sulfonate; it’s way more stripping than the Fab shampoo. It makes my hair feel very stripped and dry as a bone, but don’t be alarmed because that’s exactly what a clarifying shampoo should do. Olefin sulfonate is not a sulfate; it is a surfactant. Checking the link, I’m leaving an article as to why olefin sulfonate can be categorized as clarifying curly hair shampoo.

What a clarifying curly hair shampoo wash day looks like for me?

Step-1 curly hair shampoo

I prefer to start on product-free hair that has been detangled beforehand. And also before I start washing my hair. I run a comb through to double-check that my hair is completely tangle-free. this is going to make the entire process much Easier.

Step 2

I saturate my hair with water thoroughly. I took a generous amount of the shampoo and applied it from root to tip. I rake the product through my hair in Sections.

Step 3 curly hair shampoo

Then, I take small sections of hair and place them between my fingers, treating them like Slices.

Step 4

I run my fingers down to smooth product into my hair lengths.

Step 5

Then I use a paddle brush to stimulate blood flow to my scalp. The brush is cupping my scalp and giving me a gentle scalp massage. I find this step so satisfying that it is incredible. It reminds me of a time when I could run a brush through my hair.

Step 6 curly hair shampoo

Then I massage my scalp lightly with my fingertips to help reduce product buildup at the scalp. Last but not least, I wash the curly hair shampoo off thoroughly, and then I continue my wash day as usual.

For this particular wash day, I use the recoil babassu conditioner, which has recently become such a favorite of mine that I squish it to the condition.

After that, I used the Just Herbs Ayurvedic Shirolepam this mask; it’s so rich and thick and ideal for my porous hair. I did a two-strand twist, which I squished to condition again, and then I used a plastic cap while deep conditioning. I didn’t use a heat cap this week for some reason then for styling, I used the Treefrog leave-in conditioner and followed it up with the Enliven blue hair gel. This is my personal opinion, and I hope the article helps you with clarifying curly hair shampoo.

Thanks for everything.

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