Home Remedies for Teething Puppies: Natural Pain Relief Solutions

You can try blending frozen bananas, yogurt, and peanut butter to make a homemade puppy soft serve for teething relief. Alternatively, freezing meat broth in ice cube trays and giving them to your puppy can provide quick pain relief.

For more natural remedies, you can freeze aloe vera juice in an ice tray and rub a cube on the puppy’s gums. Using herbs such as chamomile, aloe vera, or lavender can also help soothe teething discomfort. Ice cubes and frozen fruit and vegetables make excellent teething aids as well.

Additionally, offering dental chews and using teething toys can help alleviate the puppy’s discomfort. Feed your teething puppy dry puppy food softened with warm water or mix it with wet puppy food. Dental chews and puppy food supplements can also be beneficial. To help stop biting, provide your puppy with chew toys or treats during crate time-outs and consider using bitter no-chew sprays or natural deterrents like lemon juice or vinegar.

I. Understanding Puppy Teething

Teething can be a challenging stage for both puppies and their owners. Just like human babies, puppies go through a teething process where they lose their baby teeth and the adult teeth start to emerge. This process can be uncomfortable and painful for puppies, leading to various symptoms that may affect their behavior and overall well-being.

1. Discuss The Teething Process In Puppies

During the teething process, puppies experience the natural transition from their baby teeth to their permanent adult teeth. This usually occurs between the ages of 3 to 8 months, but the timeline can vary for each individual puppy. The baby teeth generally start to fall out, making way for the adult teeth to come in.

2. Explain The Common Symptoms Of Teething

It’s important for puppy owners to recognize the common symptoms of teething so that they can provide appropriate care and relief. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Drooling: Increased saliva production is a common sign of teething in puppies. You may notice excessive drooling and wet spots on the floor or toys.
  • Chewing and biting: Puppies may feel the urge to chew and bite more than usual during teething. This is their way of relieving discomfort and massaging their gums.
  • Swollen or bleeding gums: The emergence of adult teeth can cause inflammation and tenderness in a puppy’s gums. In some cases, you may notice slight bleeding.
  • Appetite changes: Teething puppies may experience a decrease in appetite due to the discomfort in their mouths. However, it’s important to ensure they maintain a balanced diet during this time.
  • Behavioral changes: Puppies may become more restless, irritable, or even exhibit mild aggression during teething. This is because the discomfort can affect their mood and overall behavior.

Understanding these symptoms is crucial for providing effective remedies and helping your teething puppy feel more comfortable. In the next sections, we will discuss some natural home remedies to alleviate teething pain and promote a better teething experience for your furry friend.

Ii. Natural Pain Relief Options

When it comes to soothing your teething puppy, natural pain relief options are not only effective but also safe. Using natural remedies ensures that your furry friend receives the much-needed relief without any harmful side effects. Let’s take a look at the benefits of opting for natural alternatives and why you should avoid artificial pain relief options.

Introduce The Benefits Of Using Natural Remedies For Teething Puppies

Natural remedies for teething puppies offer several benefits that make them a preferable choice for many pet owners. Here are some advantages worth considering:

  1. Gentle and soothing: Natural remedies provide a gentle and soothing effect on your puppy’s gums, alleviating pain and discomfort without causing any harm. They work in harmony with your puppy’s natural healing process, promoting a quicker recovery.
  2. Safe and non-toxic: Unlike artificial pain relief options that may contain chemicals or drugs, natural remedies are safe and non-toxic. This ensures that your puppy doesn’t ingest any harmful substances while seeking relief from teething discomfort.
  3. Cost-effective: Natural remedies are often inexpensive and easily accessible. You can find many options using ingredients that you may already have at home, saving you money on expensive over-the-counter medications.

Discuss The Importance Of Avoiding Artificial Pain Relief Options

While artificial pain relief options may seem tempting, it’s crucial to avoid them when it comes to your teething puppy. Here’s why:

  1. Potential side effects: Artificial pain relief options often come with a risk of side effects that can be harmful to your puppy’s health. These side effects may include drowsiness, digestive issues, and allergic reactions. By opting for natural remedies, you eliminate the potential risks associated with artificial alternatives.
  2. Unnecessary chemicals: Some artificial pain relief options contain chemicals or drugs that may not be suitable for your puppy’s young and developing body. Natural remedies, on the other hand, utilize safe and natural ingredients that are gentle on your puppy’s system.
  3. Long-term consequences: Continuously relying on artificial pain relief options can mask underlying issues or delay the natural teething process. Natural remedies promote the healthy growth and development of your puppy’s teeth and gums without interfering with their natural progression.

In conclusion, natural pain relief options for teething puppies offer numerous benefits, including gentle and soothing relief, safety, and cost-effectiveness. It is important to avoid artificial pain relief options to prevent potential side effects, unnecessary chemicals, and long-term consequences. By opting for natural remedies, you ensure that your teething puppy receives effective relief without compromising their health and well-being.

Iii. Remedies Using Frozen Treats

Relieve your teething puppy’s pain with frozen treats made from bananas, yogurt, and peanut butter, or freeze some meat broth in ice cube trays for a quick and inexpensive remedy.

Explain The Effectiveness Of Frozen Treats In Soothing Teething Pain:

When it comes to soothing teething pain in puppies, frozen treats have proven to be highly effective. The cold temperature helps to numb the puppy’s gums, providing relief from discomfort. Additionally, the act of chewing on a frozen treat provides gentle pressure on the teething gums, which can also alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Frozen treats are a natural and safe way to help your teething puppy through this challenging phase.

Share Recipes For Homemade Frozen Treats Using Fruits And Vegetables:

1. Frozen Banana Bites:

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 ripe banana
  • Instructions:
    1. Peel the banana and cut it into small slices.
    2. Place the banana slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
    3. Freeze the banana slices for a few hours until solid.
    4. Once frozen, these banana bites make a tasty and soothing treat for your teething puppy.

2. Frozen Carrot Sticks:

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 carrot
  • Instructions:
    1. Wash and peel the carrot.
    2. Cut the carrot into long sticks or small rounds.
    3. Place the carrot pieces on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
    4. Freeze the carrot sticks until solid.
    5. These frozen carrot sticks provide both relief and a healthy snack for your teething puppy.

3. Frozen Watermelon Chunks:

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 slice of watermelon
  • Instructions:
    1. Cut a slice of watermelon into small, puppy-sized chunks.
    2. Remove any seeds from the watermelon chunks.
    3. Place the watermelon chunks on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
    4. Freeze the watermelon chunks until solid.
    5. These frozen watermelon chunks will not only soothe your puppy’s teething pain but also provide a refreshing treat.

By offering these homemade frozen treats to your teething puppy, you can ensure they have a delicious and natural remedy to ease their discomfort. These treats also provide a great opportunity for your puppy to cool down during the warmer months while soothing their teething gums.

Iv. Natural Teething Gels And Rubs

Looking for natural remedies for teething puppies? Try making your own puppy soft serve using frozen bananas, yogurt, and peanut butter. If you don’t have those ingredients, freeze some meat broth in ice cube trays for quick pain relief.

IV. Natural Teething Gels and RubsUsing natural teething gels can provide effective relief for your teething puppy without the use of harsh chemicals or medications. These gels offer a gentle and soothing solution to alleviate the discomfort associated with teething. By opting for natural remedies, you can ensure that your puppy’s gums are cared for in a safe and holistic manner.H3: Discuss the benefits of using natural teething gelsUsing natural teething gels comes with a range of benefits that make them a popular choice among pet owners. Here are a few benefits to consider:1. Safe and gentle: Natural teething gels are made from ingredients that are safe for your puppy to consume. These ingredients have soothing properties and are gentle on your puppy’s sensitive gums.2. Chemical-free: Natural teething gels are free from harsh chemicals, additives, and artificial ingredients. This ensures that your puppy’s gums are not exposed to unnecessary toxins.3. Holistic approach: By using natural teething gels, you are taking a holistic and natural approach to your puppy’s dental care. This aligns with the growing trend towards natural remedies for pets.H3: Homemade teething gel recipes using aloe vera and chamomileMaking your own teething gel at home is a cost-effective and simple solution. Here are two easy recipes you can try using natural ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile:Recipe 1: Aloe Vera Teething GelIngredients: – 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice – 1 teaspoon of coconut oilInstructions: 1. Combine the aloe vera juice and coconut oil in a small bowl. 2. Mix well until the ingredients are fully incorporated. 3. Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray. 4. Freeze until solid. 5. When your puppy is experiencing teething discomfort, take out one frozen cube and rub it gently on their gums until it dissolves.Recipe 2: Chamomile Teething GelIngredients: – 1 chamomile tea bag – 1 cup of hot waterInstructions: 1. Steep the chamomile tea bag in hot water for 5 minutes. 2. Remove the tea bag and let the tea cool completely. 3. Pour the chamomile tea into an ice cube tray. 4. Freeze until solid. 5. When your puppy needs teething relief, take out one frozen chamomile cube and rub it gently on their gums until it dissolves.Using these homemade teething gels can provide instant relief for your teething puppy while ensuring their safety and well-being. Remember to monitor your puppy closely and consult with a veterinarian if you have any concerns.

V. Alternative Remedies For Teething Puppies

Teething can be a painful experience for puppies, and it’s important to find safe and effective solutions to help soothe their discomfort. In addition to traditional teething toys and treats, there are alternative remedies that can provide relief. Explore these alternative options such as frozen flannel/towel and chamomile tea:

Frozen Flannel/towel

A simple and inexpensive remedy for teething puppies is using a frozen flannel or towel. You can wet a clean flannel or towel, twist it into a rope-like shape, and then pop it in the freezer for a few hours until it’s completely frozen. When your puppy is experiencing discomfort from teething, give them the frozen flannel or towel to chew on.

  • Pain Relief: The cold temperature helps numb your puppy’s gums, providing temporary pain relief.
  • Teething Aid: The texture of the frozen flannel or towel can help massage your puppy’s gums and provide them with something safe to chew on.
  • Distraction: Chewing on a frozen flannel or towel can help redirect your puppy’s attention from their teething discomfort, preventing them from chewing on inappropriate objects around the house.

Chamomile Tea

Another alternative remedy for teething puppies is chamomile tea. Chamomile has natural soothing properties that can help alleviate teething pain and provide a calming effect for your puppy. To use chamomile tea as a teething remedy:

  1. Brew a cup of chamomile tea using a tea bag or loose chamomile flowers.
  2. Allow the tea to cool down completely.
  3. Soak a clean cloth or cotton ball in the chamomile tea.
  4. Squeeze out any excess liquid.
  5. Place the damp cloth or cotton ball in the freezer until it becomes cold.
  6. Once cold, give it to your teething puppy to chew on.

The usage of chamomile tea offers the following benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling and inflammation in your puppy’s gums, providing relief from teething pain.
  • Relaxation: Chamomile has a calming effect on puppies, helping them relax and potentially easing any anxiety or restlessness caused by teething.
  • Safe and Natural: Chamomile tea is a safe and natural remedy for teething puppies, as long as it is diluted properly and administered under supervision.

Remember to always monitor your teething puppy when using any alternative remedy and consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns or your puppy’s teething symptoms persist.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Home Remedies For Teething Puppies

What Can You Rub On Puppies Gums For Teething?

Rubbing Aloe Vera juice on puppies’ gums is an effective remedy for teething. Freeze the Aloe Vera juice in ice cube trays and then rub the cubes on the puppy’s gums. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce pain and promote healing.

What Is The Best Thing To Feed A Teething Puppy?

The best thing to feed a teething puppy is dry puppy food softened with warm water or mixed with wet puppy food. Dental chews for dogs and puppy food supplements are also good options.

How Do You Get A Teething Puppy To Stop Biting You?

To stop a teething puppy from biting you, provide them with appropriate chew toys. Freeze a stuffed Kong or a frozen Chilly Bone for relief. You can also try bitter no-chew sprays or natural deterrents like lemon juice, diluted hot pepper sauce, or vinegar.

What Are Some Home Remedies For Teething Puppies?

There are a few home remedies you can try to ease your teething puppy’s discomfort. One option is to blend frozen bananas, yogurt, and peanut butter to make a soothing puppy soft serve. If you don’t have those ingredients, you can freeze some meat broth in ice cube trays and give them to your pup for quick pain relief.


Relieving your teething puppy’s discomfort doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You can easily make homemade remedies using ingredients like frozen bananas, yogurt, peanut butter, or meat broth for quick pain relief. Another option is to freeze aloe vera juice in ice trays and gently rub it on your pup’s gums.

Additionally, using chew toys or freezing chamomile tea or lavender can also alleviate teething pain. Remember, simplicity is key when it comes to soothing your teething puppy.

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