Best Himalayan Salt Lamps “Benefits” & “Myths”

Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits and Myths

If you’re one of those people who might have stumbled upon a random blob of crystallized salt as part of interior décor somewhere and wondering what it is, you’re not alone. A lot of people are still quite skeptical about Himalayan salt lamps.

While certain claims about it might seem quite irrational, Himalayan salt lamps are not something to simply ignore either. They come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and oddball shapes, but the most seemingly sparkly decorative lights carved out of amber-colored Himalayan rock salts.

They are thought to have certain health benefits like air purification and mood boosters too. And while the arguments from Himalayan Salt Lamp enthusiasts might seem a little off-track to you, there could possibly be some science backing it up! (Yes, we were skeptics and were surprised as well)

So, here we try to break down the ins and outs of Himalayan salt lamps and try to reveal whether the myths and benefits are actually true or not. While we’re at it, we also thought of including a few of our favorite Himalayan salt lamp products and how to find them. Let’s get right to it now, shall we?


What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

A Himalayan salt lamp is technically just like a regular lamp with a light bulb, but it’s placed inside a hollowed-out crystal of Himalayan salt, called a Halite. The unique crystalline structure of the salt gives it a pinkish-red tint that’s attractive to many. The subtle aura of the pinkish light creates a certain alluring ambiance that’s unlike any other.

The particular salt used in manufacturing Himalayan salt lamps is quite similar to ordinary table salt but differs slightly in terms of mineral composition. The main constituents are Magnesium and Zinc, along with almost eighty other trace elements. The reason behind such diversity is still not clear enough. It’s presumed that the pink glow of the salt has something to do with the geology of the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan, which is the primary source of the Himalayan salts.


How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

As we said before, Himalayan salt lamps work like any other electric lamp to provide light. It’s the claim behind health benefits that requires us to understand the mechanism before deciding to get one for ourselves.

Although not yet entirely sure or proven, Himalayan salt lamps are believed to function as Natural Ionizers that can neutralize the unbalanced charge of the ambient air circulation. The air around us is continually getting ionized due to the freakishly insane number of electronic devices that we use.

No matter how minimal, every piece of electronic equipment tends to produce heat and radioactivity. This, in turn, can damage the integrity of the air surrounding it, resulting in an alteration of the environment. Regularly breathing and living in such air can be utterly detrimental to a sound lifestyle.

The Himalayan salt lamps, when lit up, can counteract such damage. The heat and warmth from the light bulbs tend to produce a certain amount of hygroscopic salt solution. This can attract water particles from the air as it evaporates from the lamp’s surface and forms negative ions, thus repurifying the damaged air.

However, it’s all just still a theory, and there’s not enough evidence to prove it for sure as of yet.


What Are the Health Benefits?

1. Air Purification & Increased Blood Circulation

Himalayan salt lamps can supposedly ionize the surrounding air and make it more breathable. It also helps counteract the overall harmful radiation caused by electronic gadgets such as cellphones around us.

The ionization of air leads to the health benefits of increment in blood oxygen saturation levels too. As we breathe in more negatively charged ions from the air around salt lamps, it allows the blood inside our body to carry more saturated oxygen and increase overall metabolism.

2. Asthma and Allergy Remedy – Halotherapy

People suffering from symptoms of chronic respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis, or cystic fibrosis, have reported feeling better after placing a Himalayan salt lamp in their room or near their bed. The salty air produced by the lamps is supposedly helpful to accommodate better respiratory function in case of seasonal affective disorders like allergies as well.

An alternative approach to present-day medicine, called halotherapy, is based entirely on this concept and promotes inhaling salty air as a part of therapy. The process of Halotherapy is reported to improve your skin condition as well.

3. Mood Boosters

Our moods are often dependent on the level of certain chemicals called hormones within our body. One such hormone is Serotonin, which plays a significant role in regulating our moods or feelings.

Although there is no physiological proof behind such claims, people reported exposure to minute amounts of negative ions to alter serotonin levels in specific individuals under clinical trials. This helped reduce stress and anxiety but increase overall happiness and positive energy. However, the production of such neurotransmitters was not dosage-specific and had no clinical explanation of combating depression whatsoever.

4. Sleep Enhancement

Much like controlling our moods, our sleeping patterns are affected by a specific hormone named Melatonin. While the positive ionization effects of Himalayan salt lamps might not be incredibly helpful in this case, the dim aura of light that they produce seemingly boosts the levels of Melatonin production. Increased levels of blood circulation to the brain might be able to counteract any negative sleeping patterns as well.

So, replacing the regular nightlight in your room with a mildly tinted Himalayan salt lamp might just help you get better sleep too.


How to Choose a High-Quality Salt Lamp?

Unlike most consumer items, Himalayan salt lamps aren’t something you can manufacture in a factory with some readymade ingredients. These lamps’ core ingredient is million-year-old organic Himalayan salt, available only from select salt mines in the Himalayas spanning Pakistan, India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Since the core ingredient needs to be procured a la natural, the simple guideline for choosing a high-quality one is to choose a lamp with the purest salt. However, due to the existence of numerous counterfeit products and scam sellers, spotting a genuine, high-quality salt lamp can be a daunting task. However, fret not! Here are a few tips and tricks that we suggest while shopping for Himalayan salt lamps. Stick to these few pointers, and you should be reasonably safe from any fake lamps.

Verify the source or country of origin

Original Himalayan salt lamps with the purest of salts should solely be sourced from Khewra, Pakistan. There are no other underground mines in the world, even in neighboring countries like Bhutan, Nepal, or India, that can hold up the same quality of the unique pink crystals. In estimation, the salt reserves are estimated to last for at least another 350 years, even if it is mined at the current rate. So, there’s no logical need for another source as well.

Before buying from a seller, check for the country of origin for the lamp. If you can verify it as Pakistani, you’re probably safe.

Examine the color of the salt

Even though many sellers tend to advertise various colors of the Himalayan salt lamp, the only genuine way of making a variety of colors is by shading the light bulb, not the salt itself. Authentic Himalayan salt has a subtle pinkish-red hue that other shades can’t fabricate.

If you see any lamp with brilliant white salt coating or any color other than the signature pink, immediately know that it’s a fake product.

Test the opacity of the salt

The light emitted from genuine Himalayan salt lamps is rather dull and mundane looking. In contrast to regular lamps, the light is noticeably softer and more muffled with a reddish-pink aura that can hardly light up an area of a few square feet. This is due to the characteristic opacity of the Himalayan salt.

The semi-transparent hazy texture of the salt is also an indicator of originality. If you see that the light emitted by a Himalayan salt lamp is bright enough to fill up an entire room, it’s highly likely that the salt used in the lamp is not authentic.

Check the build of the lamp

Due to the organic nature of the lamp’s components, authentic Himalayan salt lamps tend to be extremely fragile. The salt coated surface can be easily chipped away or damaged upon impact.

If you see that a Himalayan salt lamp is noticeably sturdy and the seller is not precariously careful in handling it, know that the product is likely not the real deal.

Ask about the return policy from the seller

This trick is rather ingenious. Just before finalizing a purchase, make a query about the return policy that the seller offers. Due to the highly fragile nature of Himalayan salt lamps, utterly genuine sellers are quite flexible with such policies because they know for a fact that the lamps are subject to easy damage.

If you somehow notice that the seller has a stringent “no return policy,” the chances are that they are selling you a counterfeit product without you even realizing it!


Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulb Colors – Color Therapy

Based on ancient Egyptian medicine practices, Himalayan salt lamps are claiming to support color therapy as well. The idea behind such an approach goes like this.

An automated electric impulse is transmitted to your brain via the neurons whenever your eyes see any specific color. These neural impulses are believed to either calm us or give us a subtle burst of energy, based on the color our eyes receive. This might be why humans tend to focus on certain colors while decorating specific rooms of their homes. Milder colors like blue, green, and grey tend to soothe our nerves and, hence, be used more in bedrooms. On the other hand, brighter colors like red, orange, or yellow energize our brains and give us a feeling of freshness to some extent.

Although once again, there’s not yet any conclusive evidence behind it, the colors of the bulbs used in Himalayan salt lamps might promote color therapy. Here are some standard colors and their supposed implications.

Red auras can help counteract anemic conditions. In some cases, the pinkish-red glow of Himalayan salt lamps has been reported to increase Vitamin B12 inside the body.

Subtle blue, glowing lights tend to provide a calming effect, resembling the ocean to some degree. It helps soothe any mental traumas. Some people have also felt benefits from Blue Himalayan salt lamps while suffering from Arthritis, muscle cramps, headaches, and Thyroid issues.

Brighter shades of blue, like Indigo, tend to increase your intuitive awareness and concentration. People facing eye or ear problems have reported better awareness when near Indigo Himalayan salt lamps. It’s also beneficial to those struggling with sleep or impulse control.

If you have medical issues like diabetes or infertility, you can opt for getting a green bulb in your Himalayan salt lamp. The mystic green glow can boost your memory and concentration too, while reducing any inflammatory problems or breathing troubles.

Yellow just generally implies positivity and happiness while resembling sunlight. The same is the case for yellow Himalayan salt lamps. The bright yellow glow will help you feel energetic and rejuvenated. It’ll boost your morale and help you with any digestion or skin issues you might face.


Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits -Myths Backed by Science?

We can’t stress this enough, even after mentioning it quite a few times throughout the entire article – everything you read about the health benefits is reportedly true, as explained by the avid users. The practice of using Himalayan salts for therapeutic purposes can be traced back to ancient times, and, to be honest, there have not been any cases of negative impacts from the seemingly mundane grains of crystal.

So, although modern science and medicine cannot yet find any conclusive evidence behind the claims made by Himalayan salt lamp users, it does not necessarily make them totally untrue. Studies and clinical trials have been held to judge the medical benefits, but they were not significant enough to establish as scientific facts.

According to a 2009 study, the lamps are believed to entrap pet dander, toxic pollutants, mildew, mold, airborne bacteria, and other allergens inside the water they collect, thus preventing them from circulating in the air. A further study from the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007 implies that the lamps play a role in reducing 0.01 – 0.3 microns soot. This helps combat urban air pollution and significantly reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases.

Nonetheless, the utterly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing Himalayan salt lamps have never been reported to cause any sort of negative impact. Even if you can’t back it up by science to the fullest, there’s no harm in believing in a little mysticism like our ancestors, right?


Where to buy a Himalayan salt lamp

These salt lamps are exquisitely designed out of entirely organic crystals found from the million-year-old pink salt mines situated along with the Himalayan mountain range. There is no commercial way of mass-producing the salt in an industrial setup. So, you need to be careful while buying from authentic sellers of the product.

There are numerous illegal sellers of counterfeit Himalayan salt lamps made from artificial bits of plastic that look like salt or just other cheap variants of non-Himalayan salt that are not from the genuine source. These fake lamps can look seemingly flawless, and it’s quite challenging to tell them apart.

Lucky for you, we have analyzed the market for you and reviewed a few of the best genuine Himalayan salt lamps from reliable sellers. You can explore the list and choose any one of the products. Hopefully, they’ll all hold up to the highest standards and fulfill all your requirements from a Himalayan salt lamp.


1. D’aplomb Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

D'aplomb Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
D’aplomb Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

The top contender in our list is a 100% authentic salt lamp that features each piece to be uniquely shaped. No one piece can match with the other due to extreme authenticity. The lamp is perfectly suited for your bedroom, office, dorm room, yoga studio, or living area. It’s also a really cool gift for your friend or a loved one.

Design & Quality:

The base of the lamp is made of rafted wood to add a nice touch. There is a UL-Listed electrical dimmer and switch set with a cord included within the setup. The lamp is extremely effective in absorbing toxic pollutants and purifying the air while also providing a subtle aura of elegant lighting.


  • Each piece is uniquely dimensioned, weighing around 8 lbs.
  • Two 15-watt bulbs included
  • Built-in dimmer
  • 90-day company warranty

Product Link: Click Here


2. Spantik Store Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with Natural Crystal Chunks

Spantik Store Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with Natural Crystal Chunks
Spantik Store Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with Natural Crystal Chunks

If you are a fan of raw Himalayan salt lamps, you’re in for a treat with this product. Each lamp is handcrafted into a bowl shape with genuine salt crystals from Pakistan. It’s enhanced ionization properties pan purify the air while still providing a subtle amber glow to your room. The soothing ambiance will also help you sleep at night.

Design & Quality:

The strikingly authentic design is fit for any mood and any room in your house. The exotic visual appearance is appealing yet effective to the maximum. The salt bowl’s rejuvenating properties will energize your spirit and recharge your soul with positive vibes in no time!


  • Easy return policy from the seller
  • Corded electric setup
  • Handcrafted design

Product Link: Click Here


3. Windsor Seasons Hand Crafted Natural LargeCr al Himalayan Salt Lamp

Windsor Seasons Hand Crafted Natural LargeCr al Himalayan Salt Lamp
Windsor Seasons Hand Crafted Natural LargeCr al Himalayan Salt Lamp

Masterfully crafted with a massive shape and size, these Himalayan salt lamps can fulfill your fantasies about the health benefits to the maximum. The lamp is carved out of one intact salt crystal with a hollowed-out interior for extreme authenticity. The manufacturers even email you a certificate of authenticity and instruction manual for extra assurance!

Design & Quality:

The Lamp is designed to give you a warm glowing appearance while also providing all the promised health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps. The mystic aura helps fight fatigue and sluggishness while also helping you get a good night’s sleep. The setup is even certified by FCC, CE, and RoHS in terms of quality assurance.


  • Large dimensions with a 9-inch height
  • Base carved from Neem wood
  • Weighs heavily, around 3.5 kg
  • UL power cord and dimmer

Product Link: Click Here


4. d’aplomb Store Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Pink Crystal Rock Salt from The Himalayan Mountains
Pink Crystal Rock Salt from The Himalayan Mountains

If you are looking for an elegant design rather than the irregular shapes of Himalayan salt lamps, this product is simply perfect for you. The brisk shaped light looks extremely sophisticated while fitting in nicely to any ambiance of any room. It can even be a piece on top of your office desk. Each lamp is genuinely hand-crafted for maximum authenticity.

Design & Quality:

The lamp is positioned intricately over a wooden base with a footed design. You can turn down the intensity of the lights with the built-in dimmer or completely turn it off with the switch. Either way, the lamp will provide all the health benefits and boost your mood throughout the day. It’s a great stress-reliever and simply perfect as a gift for anyone who might be going through a hectic time in their lives.


  • Wooden base with foot
  • UL-listed cord and dimmer
  • Weighs 11.5 lbs.
  • Extra bulb included in the packaging
  • 90-day return policy from seller

Product Link: Click Here


5. LEVOIT Kyra Himalayan Salt Lamp

LEVOIT Kyra Himalayan Salt Lamp
LEVOIT Kyra Himalayan Salt Lamp

Featuring a modern twist on the traditional Himalayan salt lamps, this product from Levoit is simply a best-seller on our list. You can pick it up as a gift for a loved one because the packaging is lovely, and the lamp is exquisitely designed. It can even pick up excessive moisture from the atmosphere, thus protecting your wooden furniture from decay. It’s great for placing on top of a table during meditation or at yoga spaces. It can also be a night light on your bedside table.

Design & Quality:

The warm radiant aura produced by the glowing bulbs inside the Himalayan salt lamp is subtle enough to create a romantic atmosphere in any room. The dimly lit ambiance also ensures that you can retain a good mood while spending time with your loved one due to the lamp’s immense health benefits.


  • FDA 18/8 Stainless Steel base
  • Certificate of authenticity from the sellers
  • Touch dimmer
  • An ETL-certified cord with 6 ft length
  • Two extra bulbs included inside the packaging

Product Link: Click Here


6. IndusClassic LN-09 Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Sea Salt Lamp

IndusClassic LN-09 Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Sea Salt Lamp
IndusClassic LN-09 Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Sea Salt Lamp

This product is an extremely effective natural air purifier with not much to flaunt except the basic setup of a classic Himalayan salt lamp. You can set it up anywhere in your home or office and expect to get an effective area of about 155 Square Feet.

Design & Quality:

The lamp’s health benefits include protection from pollens, pet dander, smoke, and other pollutants to promote healthier breathing. The setup is specially designed to neutralize the high-frequency electromagnet waves created by electronic devices.


  • 25-watt bulb included inside the packaging
  • Extremely protective packaging
  • UL Listed Dimmer Control Switch and 6 feet cord

Product Link: Click Here



7. Himalayan CrystalLitez Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan CrystalLitez Himalayan Salt Lamp
Himalayan CrystalLitez Himalayan Salt Lamp

When the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps just aren’t enough for you, you can opt for this product and combine it with the power of natural essential oil diffusers. The stunningly designed lamp can even be used as an air freshener in your home or office. It’ll lift your spirits and reduce your stress-level with maximum efficiency.

Design & Quality:

The materials used in the outer shell are incredibly thick and reinforced to protect the Himalayan salt crystal inside from decaying. You can enjoy the unique handcrafted Hamsa designs on the surface of the lamp while you see it glow with a mystic aura. It’s also suited as a Christmas gift for friends and family.


  • Handcrafted authentic Hamsa design
  • Doubles as an oil diffuser
  • Multiple design and color choices

Product Link: Click Here



8. Himalayan Crystal Litez Salt Rock Lamp in Handcrafted Artisan Bowl

Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser & 10 Essential Oils – 2-in-1 Therapeutic Device - Aromatherapy & Ionic Himalayan Salt Therapy – 400ml Ultrasonic Vaporizer and Ionizer with Ambient Glow
Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser & 10 Essential Oils – 2-in-1 Therapeutic Device – Aromatherapy & Ionic Himalayan Salt Therapy – 400ml Ultrasonic Vaporizer and Ionizer with Ambient Glow

Triple application of this innovative Himalayan salt lamp allows you to use it as an air freshener and an essential oil diffuser. The salt crystals inside the bowl will provide all the usual health benefits. At the same time, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the diffuser and enjoy the perks of aromatherapy simultaneously.

Design & Quality:

The unique design features a floral peace sign that is lucrative to many. Along with the many health benefits, this lamp is especially useful in promoting color therapy. It’s completely safe with graded non-toxic materials.


  • Handcrafted design
  • Weighs around 2 lbs.
  • Corded electric setup

Product Link: Click Here



9. Zanflare Store Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Zanflare Store Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
Zanflare Store Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you’re looking for a futuristic twist on the Himalayan salt lamps’ classic design, you can choose this product without batting an eye. It’s minimalistic while not compromising on all the benefits of the exotic salt rocks. The metal basket is exceptionally durable and sits nicely in any dining or living room.

Design & Quality:

A unique feature of this lamp beside the warm subtle glow is the mystic shadow of a forest that It creates in the dark. This can be an excellent addition to your interior décor. The lamp glows like an amber torch that you can turn on or off quickly with a switch.


  • Metal basket setup with forest design
  • Dimmer and switch included
  • UL-certified electric cord
  • Easy return policies

Product Link: Click Here



10. LEVOIT Viéra Himalayan Pink Rock Large Crystal Lamp

LEVOIT Viéra Himalayan Pink Rock Large Crystal Lamp
LEVOIT Viéra Himalayan Pink Rock Large Crystal Lamp

Along with a professional certificate of authenticity from the manufacturers, this Himalayan salt lamp is a top choice for the millennials. The lamp let’s go of the traditional wooden base design and adopts a more futuristic aluminum base to give it a sleek look and added strength. The glass housing is resistant to scratches, impacts, and stains to protect the salt crystals inside. It’s great as a centerpiece on any coffee table.

Design & Quality:

The included dimmer works with intuitive touch-based technology, and you don’t have to fiddle around with a switch or knob. Just hold down the base, and it will automatically adjust the light intensity to a suitable ambiance. The warm amber glow from the lamp effectively promotes relaxation, just like any other traditional Himalayan salt lamp.


  • Weighs about 9 lbs.
  • Certified by ETL, CC, CE, and RoHS
  • Aluminum alloy basin housing
  • Touch dimmer
  • 6-feet long electric cord

Product Link: Click Here



11. C.Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

C.Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp
C.Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you find yourself enjoying the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp while using a computer, you might want to set it up beside you while you work. That is precisely what this product is for! The hand-crafted USB-powered salt lamp is your regular variant with just a modern cable extension. Just power it up by connecting it to your laptop and feel all your stress melting away.

Design & Quality:

When the light from the internal bulb passes through the Himalayan salt rocks, it creates a warm natural glow that is soothing to the eye. You can even leave it on after you’re done using the computer for the day and utilize it as a nightlight while you sleep. It’s an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or even Christmas.


  • Two distinct modes – colorful loops and warm glow
  • UL/CE certified USB power cable
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee form manufacturers

Product Link: Click Here



12. eSea Store Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser

eSea Store Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser

Combining all the classic benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp with the easy accessibility features of modern technology, this product is simply one of a kind. You can’t just beat the wide range of features that it offers. You can include it as a part of your smart home eco-system and control it with your smartphone using Google Assistant or Alexa. What’s even cooler is that it doubles as a humidifier and aroma diffuser. You can set it up in your home or office and stay energized for the whole day.

Design & Quality:

This futuristic product comes packed with all the features you could ask for in a smart gadget that complements your millennial lifestyle. With the dedicated Android app, you can turn it on or off with voice commands and control the mood lighting. The large retention capacity means you can use it in one go for up to nine hours to cover up to 30 square meters. It’s perfect for any personal office, bedroom, nursery, or yoga studio.


  • 3-in-1 salt lamp, humidifier, and aroma diffuser
  • Wi-Fi voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Large retention capacity of 400mL
  • Seven color adjustable Mood Lights
  • Compatible with dedicated Android app
  • built-in safety auto-switch to prevent overheating

Product Link: Click Here


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Himalayan salt?

The distinct halite salt mined from the Khewra salt mines in the Punjab region of Pakistan is known as Himalayan salt. The rock salt is characterized by its mineral impurities, giving it a signature pinkish tint.

Can you lick a salt lamp?

Yes, you can. But that does not necessarily mean you should!

While Himalayan salt lamps contain a higher number of natural minerals than regular table salt, it’s not as much suited to our appetite. But there is no real danger in consuming the salt in small amounts.

Are Himalayan salt lamps safe?

Himalayan salt lamps are designed to serve the purpose of providing aesthetic décor as well as some minor health benefits. As long as the salt on the surface is not consumed in massive amounts, there is no possibility of any toxicity or real danger from the lamp.

Are Himalayan salt lamps safe for cats?

The salt embedded surface of Himalayan salt lamps can be utterly tempting for cats to lick due to the coarse texture. While tiny amounts may not be harmful to your pet, ingesting large quantities from the crystal might cause sodium poisoning. Your furry little friend might end up suffering from vomiting, pain, and even have seizures if you don’t keep the lamp away from them.

Are Himalayan salt lamps safe for dogs?

Dogs are much more adaptable to unusual diets, as opposed to cats. So, even if your pet dog mistakenly bites off a chunk of your Himalayan salt lamp, they won’t face many severe consequences. But do take care that they don’t get addicted to the salt and start consuming it regularly. That might cause stomach problems and vomiting in the long run.

Why is my Himalayan salt lamp wet?

Don’t worry. It’s quite natural for Himalayan salt lamps to get damp from time to time. The hygroscopic nature of the surface salt allows the lamp to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. This moisture accumulates in the lamp surface, causing it to get wet or sometimes even appear to leak.

How to use a Himalayan salt lamp?

You can use it just like any other lamp. Himalayan salt lamps have a bulb placed inside them that you can connect to a power outlet and light up. Just make sure to take care of the salt surface from time to time. Keep any dust particle from building up by regularly wiping it with a damp cloth. If you notice excessive moisture building up on a rainy or humid day, simply pat the lamp with a finger to drain the moisture from it.

How do I change the bulb in my Himalayan salt lamp?

The process is quite intuitive. After you hold the lamp with a sturdy grip:

  1. Rotate the base to replace the salt crystal.
  2. Rotate the existing bulb counter-clockwise to remove it and spin the new bulb into position with a clockwise motion.
  3. Reposition the crystal on top of the bulb and securely tighten it by rotating once again.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s backed by scientific information or just a strange myth, you can’t deny that Himalayan salt lamps are a pretty cool décor to have. They are seemingly attractive and can create a nice ambiance in your room. If you are into trendy and funky collectibles, know that Himalayan salt lamps are also all the rage as of now!

As enthusiasts, we can genuinely hope for more scientific research regarding the potential health benefits and overall perks of having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home. Until then, just enjoy the subtle futuristic aura that the lamp gives off and as always, may the force be with you!

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