Chinen Salt For Diabetics

What is Chinen Salt?

A herb named Coptis Chinensis, from where the name ‘Chinen Salt’ has come to have very high nutritional value.

It is composed of various minerals like iron, sodium chloride, sodium nitrate, monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrate, sodium chloride, and Berberine.

Asians are using it to treat diabetes and other diseases like hypertension and heart-related problems despite having much significance in the scientific medical field.

Chinen Salt for Diabetes

The basic of diabetes management is to lower down the blood glucose level that can achieve by controlling the proper release of insulin in the body.

For the person suffering from diabetes, the release of insulin is hindered in their body compared to an increase in blood sugar level.

So, to manage the true liberation of this hormone, one can use it.

The presence of Magnesium which can use as an alternative to insulin, helps lower the blood sugar level in the body; apart from that, it also helps for the fast digestion of starch and lipids.

It is helpful to take care of type 2 diabetes (type 2 diabetes are that diabetes). Since 90% of diabetes cases are type 2, It can help in most of them.

One of its other significant components, Berberine, is also known to help in such conditions as it is responsible for increasing insulin sensitivity, which further controls the blood sugar level.

It helps to modify the metabolism and absorption of glucose in the blood, which further helps in controlling insulin resistance.

However, it is also found that excessive use of Berberine can lead to immoderate lowering of blood sugar level if it is combined with the diabetes drugs.

Chinen Salt for Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is genetic. This diabetes can affect people even before turning 30 and is also known to affect children.

In this disease, a massive rush of insulin is already there in the body, but insulin becomes insignificant because of the increase in blood sugar level parallel to insulin.

In such a case, It is not considered helpful for maintaining the blood sugar level.

What Should be the Dose of Chinen Salt for Diabetics Patients?

How to use Chinen Salt

The dose of this salt varies from person to person. Nutritionists and doctors suggest according to the demand of the body by each individual.

However, the average intake of sodium by an Indian is around 4,200 milligrams per day.

Still, it is recommended to use within the range of 1,500 – 2,300 milligrams a day, which is around one tablespoon or less.

If you consume Chinen salt, its actual amount should not exceed more than 10 milligrams a day for a diabetic patient.

The high amount of salt in your body will become to higher water retention that can result in body weight, and apart from it can also be responsible for high blood pressure.

If you are looking forward to adding it to your day to day meal, you should know the following facts:

  • It does not taste that great but has a great aroma.
  • It is less salty if compared to available table salt.

For the consumption of Chinen salt, you can solely consume it or mix it with the regular table salt as it will not affect your taste much.

You should know that it is not a regular salt and is usually used by diabetic patients. You can directly consume the Chinen salt as a medical supplement, but you can also take it in the form of pills and powder available in the market.

What are some other Health Benefits of Chinen Salt?

Glowing Skin

Scientific proof is not yet available; however, it is said that it can improve the skin by giving acne-free skin. It also helps to get rid of skin dryness and rashes. Apart from this, it prevents ageing and makes skin look younger.

Helps during menstruation

When they are going through menstruation, this helps to ease the stress and lowers the headaches.

Helps in throat infection

One can also use Chinen for gargle to cut down throat infections.

Prevents eye infection

You can use its solution with clear water and put it into your eyes if you have any particular type of infection.

Improves immunity

Its regular use improves immunity and prevents inflammation.

Lowers the Risk of Cholesterol

It helps the proper flow of blood in the veins and prevents fat from getting stuck inside the vessels, preventing strokes due to insufficient blood flow to the heart.

Is Chinen Salt the Same as Himalayan Salt?

Not, both are entirely different from one another. Both the salts look the same but vary from one another, as they both have divergent chemical compositions and minerals.

Diabetic patients use Chinen salt, whereas Himalayan salt is more common and generally prepares food. Also, Himalayan Salt is simple consists mostly of Sodium Chloride.

However, both of them have excellent nutritional values.

Even being dissimilar, both of them has some similarities too. None of them is processed, and no preservatives are required for their storage.

Also, both are obtained from the foothills of the Himalayan.

Where to buy Chinen Salt?

Since people do not readily consume Chinen salt, there are chances that it might not be available in your neighbourhood store. You can look for it in renowned general stores; however, it is readily available in medical stores.

You can also check our review about best Chinen Salt.

The most hassle-free way to buy it is from an online store, say Amazon. As you know, the significant component of Chinen salt is Berberine, so in most of its packaging, ‘Berberine’ is written over it rather than ‘Chinen Salt’.

Take away

Since Chinen salt is considered one of the remarkable cures of diabetes, it has been in use for many decades for treating diabetes.

However, scientific researchers are still going over it. However, it is claimed that it is a great way to tackle diabetes if taken in the right amount.

Apart from diabetes benefits, it has some other benefits too. It helps to tackle different types of infections and can and also prevent heart diseases.

However, people get confused with this salt from the Himalayan salt, but both are different. It is readily available in medical and online stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Himalayan salt Chinen salt?

Ans. No, both are different. Please do not get confused with their similar colour.

Is there a diabetic salt?

Ans. Some claim Chinen Salt as diabetic salt. However, research is undergoing.

How much salt can a person with diabetes have?

Ans. It is advisable not to consume more than one tablespoon per day.

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