What Types Of Cancer Can Be Treated With Immunotherapy?

what types of cancer can be treated with immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses your immune system to fight malignant cells. The term immunotherapy is actually used broadly for a collection of varying treatment strategies that alter the body’s immune response or use substances made by the immune system to target cancer cells. These treatments are known as biologic therapies. What Types Of Cancer … Read more

What Are the Benefits and Harms of Cancer Screening? Most Guidelines Don’t Tell You

Benefits and Harms of Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening Benefits and Harms Study finds more than 2/3 of guidelines don’t adequately explain risks, benefits With three sets of breast cancer screening guidelines giving conflicting sets of recommendations, it’s no wonder that patients and physicians are confused. A new study shows that adding to the confusion are the guidelines themselves. More often than … Read more

Benadryl And Alcohol: 5 Dangers of Mixing

Alcohol and Benadryl

Benadryl is one of the antihistamine drugs that included an active ingredient called diphenhydramine. This antiallergic drug helps you to rid allergic symptoms such as the runny nose, sneezing, irritated throat, rashes, coughs, that occurring after your contact with an allergen. Despite these positive effects, the combination of Benadryl and alcohol may be the source … Read more

What is Pulmonary Hygiene Easier Breathing (All Techniques)

Pulmonary Toilet

Pulmonary Hygiene is a general term that includes exercises and methods which clear airway and lung from obstructive secretions Also called Pulmonary toilet. This term is also called pulmonary hygiene or bronchopulmonary hygiene. Deep breathing, lung exercises, and tapping on the chest are some of the commonly used pulmonary toilet methods. Thanks to the Pulmonary … Read more

Are Smelling Salts Bad For You ?

Smelling Salts

Tom Brady uses them, Peyton Manning Utilizes Them, as well as Muhammed Ali, used them, against Henry Cooper, supposedly illegally — an allegation yet to be proven. No, it isn’t just a pre-match superstition. Smelling salts are actual substances that gamers carry with them in their kits and odor before games to rejuvenate themselves. Although … Read more

11 Causes of Cloudy Urine

Cloudy Urine

A cloudy urine is usually a harmless phenomenon that arises from salts that become insoluble in the cooling urine and therefore fail (whitish to pink clouding). A cloudy urine can also be an expression of a urinary tract infection (white blood cells, bacteria, fungi, pus in the urine – whitish clouding) or caused by blood … Read more

Metabolic Syndrome: Who is at Risk, Causes, Consequences And Diet

Metabolic syndrome

What is metabolic syndrome A set of risky changes in the body that, when co-occurring, increase the risk of heart and vascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke, type 2 diabetes, and other diseases of civilization. They, therefore, require medical supervision and, ideally, an immediate change in lifestyle. Main risk factors High or increased blood … Read more

PinWorm and Urinary Tract Infections In Young Girls ( What You Should Know )


PinWorm and Urinary Tract Infections In Young Girls Young girls, with or without urinary tract infection, were examined for pinworms to explore a possible relationship between these two problems. Of the 55 young girls with urinary tract infection, 20 (36.4%) had pinworm eggs in the perianal and perineal region monitored using the cellophane tape method. … Read more

How To Sleep With A Chemo Port

How To Sleep With A Chemo Port

How To Sleep With A Chemo Port Small implantable reservoir using a thin silicone tube that attaches to a vein. The most important advantage of this vein-access device is that chemotherapy medications can be delivered directly into the jack as opposed to a vein, eliminating the need for needle sticks. A port differs in the … Read more

Knee Replacement Recovery Time And Tips

Knee Replacement Recovery Time

Knee replacement surgery — also arthroplasty (ARTH-row-plas-tee) — helps relieve pain and restore function in badly sprained knee joints. The procedure involves cutting away damaged bone and cartilage out of your thighbone, shinbone and kneecap and replacing it with an artificial joint (prosthesis) manufactured from metal alloys, high-quality plastics and polymers. In deciding whether a … Read more

Outcome of the public request for information on the risks and benefits of the pain killer co-proxamol

risks and benefits of the pain killer co-proxamol

Date: 31st January 2005 Reference: CEM/CMO/2005/2 WITHDRAWAL OF CO-PROXAMOL PRODUCTS AND INTERIM UPDATED PRESCRIBING INFORMATION Dear Colleague, I am writing to tell you the advice of the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) in the light of its recent review of the risks and benefits of co-proxamol. In summary, the efficacy of co-proxamol is poorly … Read more

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